About Us

What Drives Us?


We constantly look for ways to make you more efficient in your workplace.


We don’t just provide you with products, we give you solutions. We make sure that you get the results that you want.


We do all these because we want you to have the time to follow your passion – whether it is passion for your work or passion for your family.

Our story

In our years in the corporate world, we would get frustrated with work redundancies that “couldn’t be avoided.”  We believe that this is not only inefficient, but also costly and vulnerable to inconsistencies.

We started questioning existing processes, and used our expertise in market research, business consultancy and entrepreneurship to come up with solutions to make our work lives simpler.

We realized that just by streamlining accepted work flows, we would be able to  cut down significantly  on hours spent doing

these repetitive tasks, and be able to concentrate on matters that are significant for the business – like decision-making, and strategy formulation – and significant for our personal lives – like family, travel and other hobbies.

And so, Crimxon Innovations Inc. was born out of our desire to provide better work performance to give us more time to focus on what is important.  We refuse to accept that there are no solutions… 

So we became the solution.

Our Team

The Thinker

The Doer

The Charmer

Simplicity is the Soul of Efficiency

– Austin Freemen